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Published by: Brian Armstrong on 22-Sep-19
Vidscribe AI: Make Local Language Videos In 100's Of Languages On Autopilot Overview & Demo

Vidscribe AI

65 million people in the US alone who speak a second language alone. 
That’s 20% of the entire population of the US and it’s a number is equal 
to the population of the United Kingdom.

Are you tapping into such a large audience or letting this huge opportunity slip by?
In fact across the world there are another 2 billion non-speaking potential buyers.
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Your sales could magnify to a great extent if you are able to reach them and bring them to your website. 
The best way to connect these days is videos.

Imagine the kind of traffic you could tap into, if you could just create videos in everyone’s native language. 
You could rank for buyer keywords in their language and get buyer quality traffic.

This would otherwise be impossible to rank for in English because of too much competition. 
You would get an unfair edge over your competition.

Get hold of traffic that others haven’t even started to target. 
All you need to do is re-create your videos in other languages.

This however is not easy and you will have to shell out a lot of money and time. However, 
We have a product that can do this in a matter of minutes in 100s of languages.

We bring to you VidScribe AI, Is a powerful new desktop application that uses breakthrough 
AI technology to do everything we just described on 100% autopilot and without any further cost to you.

All you need to do is give VidScribe AI any YouTube URL or a video from your computer and it’ll do the rest.

VidScribe will use AI technology to detect and transcribe the audio, translate it, l
ay subtitles on the video and then even redub the entire video in the language of your choice 
with natural quality speech.

You can churn out fresh videos in any language you want with subtitles, 
redubbing or both not in days or hours but minutes.
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And yes, without spending a single cent! Just click a button and you get a new video in a new language.

Use VidScribe AI and open up a floodgate fresh visitors. 
Just to show you what can be done, we implemented VidScribe AI on one of our fresh websites and got a 
104% spike in traffic just in 7 days!

Competition for the search engine rankings in local languages is way lower than in English. 
They are content starved and videos always rank higher bringing you fresh buyers
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